Understand Oils & Fats

Past thinking on dietary fats and oils has changed in reason years as once all fats were deemed unhealthy, and responsible for diseases ranging from cardiovascular disease to diabetes. But recent research has altered these perceptions.

We now understand that there are different kinds of fats and oils: These are usually divided into saturated, unsaturated and trans fats.

Saturated fats are often demonised however interestingly, a fair proportion of our brain is in fact composed of both saturated fat and cholesterol, which means we need saturated fat in order for our brain to function properly.

Saturated fat in virgin coconut oil is VERY good for you. Natural health physician Dr. Joseph Mercola discusses the truth about the many health benefits of coconut oil and why it is better. Click this video to find out more.


Below is another useful video done by Sarah Pope, The Healthy Home Economist blogger about Traditional Fats and Sacred Foods.