How To Use Coconut Oil

CocoRoselle Virgin Room Temperature Pressed Coconut Oil

Our Virgin Room Temperature Pressed Coconut Oil

Coconut oil, may be used in a millennia of different ways. It really is a miracle product, below are just some of the ways it may be employed!

Many women use coconut oil on the skin as an everyday lotion – it is rich in it’s consistency and lovely to the touch. It is also excellent for reducing stretch marks during or after pregnancy and is also anti-bacterial

Mothers in the know use coconut oil to reduce and remove cradle cap in babies, simply massage their head and wash off after a few minutes. It’s also great for baby massage and mothers with sore nursing nipples, in place of lanolin.

In cooking as a great oil with a high smoke point and may be used to replace butter and vegetable oil in any dish. Additionally, it is the perfect oil for deep frying.

Use it to remove frizz from your hair – just a tiny dap on your hands, run it through your hair and frizz begone!

There are so many other uses for it, we could go on for days but the best advice we can give is for you to try it for yourself.