Coconut Oil Body Care

Spa treatmentUsing coconut oil is an excellent and natural way to make your hair, skin  and body soft, radiant and healthy. Forget expensive haircare, under eye lotions and masks – you won’t need these, instead you can use 100% natural, unrefined coconut oil perfect for all skin types.

Soaking one’s hair for 2 hours in melted coconut oil with give it lustre and shine for days, used once a week with your favourite shampoo – this is the secret to healthy, beautiful hair.

Daily, perform your normal facial cleansing routine and following this use coconut oil around your eyes, both above and under in place of those expensive eye creams. Also use sparingly on other parts of the body which may be drier than usual.

Coconut oil is also recommended as an every day body moisturiser, best applied straight out of the shower onto warm, supple skin.

Coconut oil contains a molecular structure that allows for easy absorption through the skin – helping to soften and smooth the skins texture.  It also has anti-oxidant properties that assist your skin in fighting free radicals. This makes it perfect solution for the relief of dry, rough and wrinkled skin.