Nourish Your Body & Soul
Solid below 25°C, coconut oil gently melts as it gets rubbed into the skin and penetrates deep into the pores. It also nourishes scalp and hair and makes it shinier and smoother.
Embrace Our Responsibilities
We contribute to a sustainable balance between boosting the livelihoods of productive independent farmers and supporting thriving wild ecosystems.
Gifts From Mother Nature
Made from handpicked, wild harvested, organically grown coconuts. Everything is free from artificial ingredients, preservatives additives and extenders.

Asian Cooking & Baking Essentials

Food writer Kate McGhie who uses coconut sugar in Thai cooking and general baking such as muffins - according to Glycemic Index Foundation – advises that “Coconut oil, sugar and flour” are must have items in your pantry.

Blends Well With Coffee & Tea

You can’t go wrong with this great tasting, mineral rich, low GI (35), cane sugar alternative. It comes from the sap of the coconut palm's flowering spikes. 75% sucrose, and the rest is glucose and fructose.

Weight Loss Solution with VCO

Whereas most foods contain predominantly long-chain fatty acids, coconut oil consists almost entirely of Medium Chain Fatty Acids. MCFAs are metabolized differently than the longer chain fats. They are either used for energy right away or turned into ketone bodies.

An Inexpensive Gift For Women

Sodifies below 25°C, coconut oil gently melts as it gets rubbed into the skin and penetrates deep into the pores. It is a wonderful way to soften your skin, also nourishes scalp and hair, makes it shinier and smoother.

Watch out what you eat!

The Coco Roselle foodie team is sharing the secret delicious brownie recipe using coconut with our fans. Try to make one at home and upload your photos onto our Facebook page. Click to find out the unique ingredients that make our gluten free raw chocolate brownies sooooo fabulicious.

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Top 5 Questions

  • Why Do You Eat Low GI Foods?

    Eating foods with a low GI can help people with diabetes control their blood glucose levels. A low GI indicates a food that is more slowly absorbed, thereby preventing that health damaging insulin spike.
  • How Are You Helping The World?

    Coconut Sugar is the world's most sustainable sweetener. Coconut palms are a tree crop that benefits the environment ecologically as they restore damaged soil requiring very little water in the process. It produces 50-75% more sugar per acre than sugar cane while at the same time using less than 20% of the soil nutrients and water for that high level of production. And for our Raw Virgin Coconut Oil, we use a production method that has minimal environmental impacts due to less machinery used.
  • Benefits Of A High Fibre Diet

    Most Australians do not consume enough fibre. The main role of fibre is to keep the digestive system healthy. It also contributes to other processes, such as stabilising glucose and cholesterol levels. Increase your daily fibre intake instantly by eating breakfast cereals that contain barley, wheat or coconut flakes.
  • A calorie is not a calorie?

    Different foods and macronutrients go through different metabolic pathways. Some metabolic pathways are more efficient than others and some foods require more energy to digest and metabolize. One important property of coconut oil is that it is “thermogenic” – eating it tends to increase energy expenditure (fat burning) compared to the same amount of calories from other fats.
  • Who is Dr. Mary Newport? What does she have to do with Alzheimer's disease?

    Researchers say the ketones found in coconut oil have slowed the progression of Alzheimer's disease in some people and may actually prevent it. Coconut oil was being used to help Dr. Mary Newport's husband with Alzheimer's.

From Our Fans

  • My daughter who has some behavioral issues, as well as allergies and persistent sore throat. We took her off all dairy and she became a different person in 3 days. Her mood and attitude changed overnight. The underlying health problem was a wheat intolerance and she reacts badly to sugary foods. Once we eliminated dairy, refined sugar and gluten in her diet and she slept better and her general health started to improve immediately. After some lengthy trial and error we identified the wheat intolerance and sugar sensitivity. She is fine with dairy now but we try to keep dairy and processed sugars down to sensible quantities. The CocoRoselle range is a must in my pantry.
    Jess Ingham, Sydney
  • I use the CocoRoselle coconut sugar mainly for sweetening my tea and cooking Asian food. Was concerned about sugar, dislike the after taste of stevia. Raw honey was certainly more natural, but still high glycemic.
    Hayley Portman, Woy Woy
  • Coconut flour is lower in carbs, gluten free, non-allergenic, and bakes very nicely in muffin/bread recipes. I have only begun to experiment, and have baked mini-pumpkin bread loaves with much success.
    Jess Burke, St.Kilda
  • CocoRoselle doesn't have the occasional gritty and sandy shell specks like another brand. Coconut flour, which is fairly mild in flavor, is gluten-free, high-fiber, and high-protein. It naturally sweetens dishes even though it's low in carbohydrates - glycemic load of zero. I use this versatile fiber for smoothies, pancakes, muffins, brownies, and pizza crusts. You can also use it to thicken soups and sauces.
    Annabel Louis, Perth
  • I have been eating low carb for awhile now, but now my daughter has eczema and it seems exacerbated by gluten so we've gone gluten free as well. With the help of CocoRoselle coconut flour I am still able to make breads, cakes, cookies, etc. for my daughter to enjoy. It is very finely ground, which is what you want in a coconut flour. I have used this in lots of recipes and I LOVE it. I am so glad that CocoRoselle is offering coconut flour, I buy coconut oil from them as well and am very happy with it. The healing properties in coconut are AMAZING and I'm SO happy for this product! :)
    Georgina Harley, Roseville
  • Only heard about CocoRoselle from my GP and unfortunately it's only available in selective health food stores. Having said that it's my best found of the year.
    Jane Morse, Surry Hills
  • This has to be a hidden secret of all the Thai restaurants! COCONUT SUGAR is the crucial element to make homemade gourmet Thai dishes!
    Fiona Dawes, Petersham
  • I use the CocoRoselle flour to make some cupcakes for my kids today, they absolutely love it!
    Jane Webber, Wahroonga
  • CocoRoselle sugar has a very yummy caramel scent and it blends so well with coffee.
    Charlotte Gregory, Mosman